Transcending tech…

These days, it takes more than just technical chops to drive real business improvement. A lot more.

Creativity! Innovation! Solid business analysis!!! We believe any software company can excel when it brings art, product design, and media together in a single focus on their business strategy. We have worked with mobile gaming, web design, deep real-time scientific, and educational software. We want any company that uses technology to find ways to make the work fun, meaningful, beautiful, and profitable.

DESSEC commits to using a wide range of skills to lead the development of technology that delights customers and stakeholders:

  • Thoughtful business strategy
  • Agile planning
  • Creative vision
  • Unique technical depth and breadth

To develop and share your teams’ creativity takes true collaboration among your executive leadership, technical teams, artists, project managers, testers and …. well, the list goes on, doesn’t it? DESSEC helps you to build connections among these disparate teams – both local and global – so they are supported to work together to develop your project beautifully and on budget.

DESSEC can speak to all aspects of your business, especially how creativity and innovation can be harness to improve the bottom-line. In fact our founder, Dale Strickler, speaks fluent Business with CEOs, CFOs and other C-level peers; Tech with Senior Software Developers, Engineers and Programmers; and Agile Planning with Project Managers, Producers and Project Coordinators.

To help you succeed, we’ll explore both the big picture and all the critical details, weaving together multiple teams to deliver high-profile and high-dollar projects on time, on budget and with the fewest bugs as is cost effective. We’ll help you find the issues that slip through the cracks BEFORE they become serious problems that cost your business money, reputation and customers.

Bottom line? We transcend tech to get the job done!